The Problem with Instruction #3

Instruction #3:

“The first day or two, allow baby to nurse the breast only a few minutes, 5 minutes at the most, then gradually increase the nursing time as you have more breast milk.”

The first 3 postpartum days, the nursing baby will be getting the incredible superfood colostrum. Colostrum is the first milk. The main problem with instruction #3 is that it is just plain wrong. It is highly important to not set time limits such as 5 minutes but to instead feed often and regularly during the first couple of days. Not only will the baby be eating a highly nutritious superfood that serves as a coating agent for the baby’s digestive system, but it also serves as a immune system booster, serves to cleanse and clear the newborn’s system of meconium and serves to trigger milk production. One of the main benefits to the mother is the fact that nursing often is vital for the involution (the contracting and shrinking) of the postpartum uterus. Limited nursing increases the risk of more than normal bleeding. There are numerous other reasons such as mother baby bonding and the fact that breastfeeding is a supply and demand relationship.
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  • sarah says:

    funny thing about that, they are still telling mothers that ALL THE TIME in hospitals today!

  • sarah says:

    Oh yeah, and forgetting to check on first time moms breastfeeding until 8 hours after the fact.