bearing fruit

The little, highly productive cherry tree.
cherry tree
Children picking ripe cherries.

Here we picked about 4 gallons of cherries. After washing them, I used my Food Saver to package the cherries for freezing. I LOVE my Food Saver! My brother and sister-in-law surprised me with this gift and it has been an invaluable asset to our family. I am using it constantly.

I separated out the cherries into 2-pie serving size bags. 4 cups of cherries will make one pie. I have a wonderful family recipe for pie crust and was told by my great aunt that I could make up the pies ahead of time and freeze the uncooked pies. What a Great idea!


  • Amy Scott says:

    There will be cherry trees in heaven, of this I am certain. I can’t imagine a better food God put here on earth. I do believe I could eat every one of those cherries in one sitting.
    Amy Scott, who doesn’t make it a general habit of leaving frivolous comments

  • sarah walston says:

    Oh WOW! When I come to Tn. to visit you (yeah, one day…) I will have to come in the summer so you can make me a pie!
    Beth – this week I’ve purposed to spend severl hours a day with the phone, tv, and computer turned off and just focus on playing with my kids. Can you post some more ideas for creative play? We are going to play a lot with the camcorder making movies, news reports, etc. But I need some more ideas!! You’ve inspired me!

  • admin says:

    I love cherry trees too. This little tree gives so much fruit….and has been pest free with the exception of an occasional bird stealing food! (the first year we didn’t know any better and waited too long to pick them–the birds got to them before we did)

  • […] I finally made a cherry pie from the Cherries we recently picked off our tree.  Last year, I had the privilege of having my grandmother stay a few weeks with me.  One of the many things she taught me was how to make fruit pies.  In recent months, her sister also stayed with us and taught me how to make the most wonderful pie crusts using oil instead of that nasty CRISCO.  I used a extra light virgin olive oil and it turned out great.  I would avoid the heavier olive oils as it would add too strong of a taste to the crust.  […]