ohh, the people we meet….

We live in a feminist culture. For those of us that are committed to raising our daughters to be Godly women, the task can seem quite daunting at times. It seems like Jezebel and her minons are ’round every corner.
My daughter and I take a trip into town about once a month to complete a big grocery shopping trip. Annabelle comes along in the Baby Bjorn front pack carrier (which I love). I bring my older daughter because I believe that even at her young age, she needs to be with her mother learning about how to run a household. I include her when I plan meals, make grocery lists and buy groceries.

I love this one on one time with her. She usually shares her many thoughts and ideas and has many questions. It is a glorious time of mother/daughter togetherness.

One recent occasion, we were going about our day, progressively accomplishing the tasks on our list. We had one final store to visit. As we were walking in the store, we noticed a woman walking out of the store wearing a shirt that had the words “CHILD – PROOF” emblazoned across the front. I looked at her. She looked at me. It was the ultimate clash of two opposing worldviews. While she was boldly wearing “Child – Proof”, I was wearing my newborn baby in a front pack carrier. I could not stop thinking about how completely opposing the feminist ideology is. These two world views are not only completely opposite of one another, but they are at war with one another.

We are at war. Womanhood and girlhood are attacked relentlessly day after day. As women seeking to serve our Lord and Savior, we must realize that our life of service to our family and glorying in our womanly roles is not culturally acceptable, nor is it “normal”. We must protect and arm our daughters against the feminist onslaught in our world by giving them a strong foundation in biblical womanhood.

That day at the store provided another launching pad, from which, the goal of beautiful girlhood and femininity was furthered in my daughter’s life as well as mine. She was able to see a pictorial difference in the “child-proof” woman and us. I was also reminded of the battle. It was not comprehendible to her that a woman would not want children and further more, would flaunt her evil worldview in public. However, that is the world we live in. It is important for them to know and understand the battle we are in. It isn’t just about a tee-shirt. It is about a evil world view that is at odds with Christ.


  • sarah says:

    Okay, so… sadly you have told me that story before and I just now got it. She had her tubes tied.

  • sarah says:

    Maybe she is the one with the “quality in home childcare” sign in the intersections of our neighborhoods? 😉

  • sarah walston says:

    From my experience, women like that have been hurt, deeply. And they have shut down certain parts of their womanhood. Perhaps she did have her tubes tied. But you don’t know why. Don’t be so quick to judge her. Judge the principle at stake – but don’t judge her. You don’t know her heart. She is deceived. You know not why….

  • Sally says:

    Wow. Quite a difference in women, eh? I see and know quite a few women like that…and it breaks my heart for them. To think that they’ll never know the joys of motherhood or have the privalege to love a child that literally came from them! Then again, I meet some women in life and think “man, that is one person who does NOT need to be a mother!” or people like that who are already mother’s and I just feel for their children, you know? I’m not saying that they shouldn’t ever be mother’s…just not in that stage of their lives. I believe (and this is just me…) that too many women have children, because they belive it’s “the thing to do,” without really putting much thought into it or much work into themselves. Not that there is ever a perfect time to have children…but haven’t you ever met a woman and just thought “thank God they have kids, yet!”?
    I agree with you, Sarah W…although, “other Sarah” 😉 you made me think! I would never have thought that she had her tubes tied…I just would have thought she really, really didn’t like children…lol…yeah, I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes 😉

  • tami lewis says:

    how sad this woman will never know the blessings that God has in store for women! how sad that women like her see a family as a burden. i love your approach to rearing your daughter in the homemaking skills even now. she’ll soak it in, mommy. keep up the good work!