meal time shlump encouragement…..

At 3, he has many quirks and difficulties we all have to deal with on a daily basis. One of them is food issues. All of the sudden, our happy, energetic, lovable boy can turn into a sore sight with one glance at some sort of food he all of the sudden deems unacceptable. The offender tonight was “SALAD”.
meal time faces
meal time faces
meal time faces
However, it is refreshing to hear siblings come along side their brother and offer words of encouragement. Our witty 5 year old always has something profound to say. He leaned over to admonished his 3 year old brother in the sweetest, kindest, most musical voice by saying,
“Paterson, it’s OK. It’s really only washed weeds, she just calls it salad.”


  • sarah says:

    **TOTALLY cracking up at Patricks brand of “encouragment”** Your kids are always reminding me of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes.

  • sarah says:

    Also, is he wearing a belt around his torso? Probably so. Too funny!

  • admin says:

    Yes.. that would be a belt around his torso ???????? I do not yet completely understand the 3 year old brain. He tells me it makes him strong — ??? If it isn’t the belt, it is a bungee strap.

  • sarah walston says:

    LOVE the photos – Beth, too funny!!! Washed weeds! I’m…lol…too funny…

  • tami lewis says:

    those washed weeds will keep me laughing for days! thanks for sharing!