I am in the process of putting this ebook on our website www.familyworkforum.com
I ran across it recently and thought it would be a great resource for the Family Work Forum website. We are looking to expand the website by offering more entrepreneurial type topics and resources. We hope to recruit families who have already started businesses to share their stories as well.
Right now, the ebook special is $80 worth of ebooks for $24. She has this special for 2 weeks up until Mother’s Day. Some of the books in the deal are:
How to Start Your Own Business by Crystal Paine. This is a guide for Christian young women who wish to venture into the world of starting your own home based business.
Menu Planning Made Easy! 54 pages by Sheri Graham. It contains 4 weeks worth of dinner menus, recipes and shopping lists. It also had forms to make your own menus, recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and desserts, cooking and money saving tips.
HomeGrown Business by Jesse and Crystal Paine. It is over 80 pages and highlights 29 families who share their experiences at growing a home business while homeschooling at the same time. Topics covered such as: how to balance homeschooling and home business, how to involve your children in your home business, how to integrate your home business into your children’s education, and much more!
The Bread By Hand ebook by Kimberly Eddy is a 43 page with illustrations instruction booklet on how to make fresh, homemade bread. This eBook explains the bread-baking process in detail and even helps the most inexperienced baker understand the ins and outs of baking bread by hand. Whether you are interested in learning how to bake white bread, wheat bread, or any other sort of bread, you will learn how in this ebook. In fact, this ebook doesn’t just stop at baking basic breads, but also covers sourdough bread, rye bread, homemade soft pretzels, bagels, cinnamon rolls, and more.
And several other ones like: Thriving on One Income, Momma’s Guide to Growing Your Groceries, Simply Centsible Suppers, The Merchant Maiden: Earning an Income Without Compromising Convictions.

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