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To continue from Queen of my Own Domain: The article, Stay-At-Home Moms: The Most Important Job in the World, goes on to say,

“I know there are many moms who have children still at home and who truly have no choice but to work outside the home. For them, it isn’t just a matter of wanting to maintain a certain lifestyle. Even in those cases, however, as in all others, a mother’s care is the preferred choice. I don’t say that to make anyone feel guilty; it’s just a fact. ”

I would agree that in our culture, there are circumstances where mothers are working outside the home not by choice but out of what seems desperate necessity. I have seen mothers struggle with wanting to be with their children but feel as if they have no other option. However, it is quite possible for even these mothers to escape the daily work grind away from their home and focus their energies on working in their home. There are countless opportunities for those that truly seek to be home with their children. I have seen women quit the corporate job and come home to their children. Home-based businesses are a reality. I am not saying it is easy, but it is possible. For those seeking to stay at home, but needing to maintain an income for their home because of circumstances such as being a single mother, the road may be longer and harder but well worth it.
We all know of the Proverbs 31 woman who loved and served her husband as well as maintained her home and trained her children with excellence. We read of her working within her home producing and contributing to the home economy. We read of her as a skilled, educated and knowledgeable manager of her own home, not as an independent career woman. As women, we can contribute to the economy of the home in many ways. We can bring in an income in unique ways. We can also add to the economy of the home through wise shopping expenditures. As we support our husband, train our children and manager our home, we find true fulfillment.
Too many times the interworkings of the home are completely ignored and abandoned. Many times the neglect is unintentional. In our modern culture, home life is not stressed as something important or in need of care. However, once women awake to the fact that their home and family are in desperate need of their specific skills, the art of homemaking begins to take on new meaning. A wise women builds her own home, but the foolish woman tears it down with her own hands. (Proverbs 14:1)


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  • sarah says:

    Too bad there aren’t more older women to help us younger women and come along side.

  • Sally says:

    There may not be older women like their should be, but at least in this day and age, we have resources and more creative ways than ever to reach out to people of like mind. Like…oh, I don’t know, I blog, maybe 😉