We are finally finished

I am closing the Chicken Pox book…a full 3 weeks and now all 7 children have broken out.  I am glad that it was short lived compared to what it could have been.  Today was a better day, with only spots to show for, the children enjoyed the day playing in the nice spring outdoors.
The best chicken pox idea we tried was the oatmeal sock.  Forget the Aveeno bath–we did that in the beginning but with 7 children and several baths a day–that quickly ran out.  I put 1 cup of oats in a sock and tied the end and let the children play with it in the bathtub–better and cheaper than Aveeno.  I could gently rub backs and necks for soothing relief from the itch.  They loved it.

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  • sarah walston says:

    WOW! Beth, I’m sure you are SO happy to be on the mend with this one. I’m so happy for you!! At least you have that one down and out, shouldn’t have to deal with that again – ever – or at least until baby #8 comes along and picks it up. But then it will be old hat you!