The Governments Of God

The government is not called
To be the savior of man
The Church with its ordinances
Aid this part of God’s plan

Civil justice eyes not the individual
But looks to the larger picture
A people in mass reap what is sown
An individual does not himself own

Man is tied to roots
To family, and a larger culture
Nothing happens that is not in cahoots
With our broader social structure

If a man steals and is not confronted
His deed is given standing
What was once a sin, uncontested
People now will be demanding

This is where the church and state
Each other’s hands they hold
Not with the same power
But to the same God their allegiance they owe

The state by the power of the sword
Judges and punishes those in Satan’s grip
To protect, not just the individual
But the culture at large, that is at risk

The church by the power of God’s word
Preaches to those who deserve the blame
She calls for repentance from the individual
She protects them from eternal flames

The family, God’s first line of defense
Teaches, trains, and demands obedience
First to mother and father, then to the family whole
Next to friends and neighbors relationships to train our soul

These three, Family, Church, and State
The governments God did create
Each with it’s own dominion and rule
Designed to bring correction to the fool.

– Paul TN

1 Comment

  • John Cummins says:

    And the greatest of the 3 is the church for she is eternal family.

    Great poem, Paul

    John Cummins
    Univ. of Tenn.