soft and furry

The 3 to 5 year old stage of life is a humorous one.  One day I intend on putting a book together of all the “Kid Funnies” I have written down over the years.
Recently Patrick was sitting next to me and admiring Annabelle saying, ” Look mom, she likes it when I pet her.”
Later he added sweetly, “She has soft fur.”
So far she has also been liken to resemble a baby cricket.  I was informed that he thought I looked like a nice furry fox. HMMM.  Eva has gone from looking like a bull to looking “zach-ly like Mr. Tumnis”.  Everybody looks like something else…Ever wonder what you look like…just ask…he can tell you “zach-ly” exactly what you look like.
Those glasses of his do amazing things!

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