Velcro Baby Wearing

She is almost 5 weeks old and likes me a whole lot! I like her a whole lot as well. She loves to be near mommy which is completely normal and expected of a newborn who just spent 40 weeks inside me, feeling my every movement, hearing my heartbeat, hearing my voice. I am not one to let a newborn just “cry it out” and I do not really believe a newborn is spoiled by too much holding. I believe being held, touched, loved on is important for baby and mom. However, that being said, it is impossible to hold her 24/7. Sometimes I just need a brief moment to myself. I need to do necessary things like get dressed.
It amazes me how she knows when I am not there! I lay her down for a nap and usually within 5 minutes she is crying. I can snuggle up next to her and speak softly or sing to her while stoking her head or patting her back and she will fall back asleep. It is an incredible feeling to be needed by her. This time is only brief and I am trying to soak up all the wonder of her newborn-ness.
All that to say, I lost my sling.
I have had a variety of slings over the years. I am not a huge baby wearing person, although I do wear my babies when they are newborn and little babies. I don’t wear them once they get too wiggly and heavy! My newborns cuddle up in the sling and sleep contently. Currently I own a New Native Baby sling that I can’t find. I have searched for it high and low but am still hoping to find it soon.
Until then, I have thought about everything from making my own sling out of a blanket to velcroing us together.

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