Men and Tools

All the modern psycho dribble says that men like to fix things, that we are rough on our wives because we always try to “fix their problems and they just want to vent, to talk, to communicate”. It occurs to me that perhaps we over focus on our wives because we have nothing else to do. We live in a soft society where men, don’t have any real adventures to set upon. Where is the wild west Teddy Roosevelt explored, or the Mississippi river mapped out by Lewis and Clark? They have been conquered and explored. What do we have left to fix other than our wives? Not that any of our wives needs fixin mind you. It’s just when you don’t have anything else to do you began to strive for perfection in the things that are close by!
Face it men, either we are playing a part in some greedy, money hungry “barbarians at the gate” ritual, or we are simply driving to work, so we can turn around and drive home from work, so we can eat dinner and get some rest so we can drive back to work so we can drive home from work…you get the picture.
If this sounds familiar to you and you are tired of the traveling. I have a solution for you, pick up a hammer and hit something… not just anything, but a project. Build, construct, create have some fun. Your wife might be a little resistant at first, but simply remind her what I stated above, if you fixing something else you want have to be looking for something to fix around the house!
OK, so now that I’ve at least attempted to justified this insane project, I’ll give you a little bit of the focus and what we hope to accomplish. First we are a family of 9 now , after our latest edition. The project house is currently 1,000 sq ft. (shown below) Our current house is 2400 sq ft which we bought brand new 4 years ago.


So the question is why do this? Why pour a lot of time and energy into something that seems to be moving the family in the wrong direction. The answer is simple. In the immortal words of Mel Gibson as William Wallace, F R E E D O M! Big houses come with big mortgages and little house come with little or if you can work it just right, no mortgages. So the plan here is to remodel this house in such a way that a family of 9 (children ages 10 years to 4 days) can inhabit it in relative peace and harmony. It sounds outrageous in our modern culture, but it wasn’t too many generations ago that a family this size would live together in a small cabin or in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s, “The Big Woods”, on a farm. I guess, as they say, it’s all a matter of priorities. We are making an intentional choice for a smaller house in exchange for more time together as a family and hopefully with dad doing less time in the 9 to 5 commute.

So while most of this section will focus on the how to’s and the ops I shouldn’t had. I thought it would be appropriate to lay out from the beginning what we are trying to accomplish so you can enjoy the journey with us. The primary reason for doing this BLOG is to document our fun and progress, first for my children so as they look back on this time in our life they will understand what their crazy dad was thinking, and secondly to share the experience and knowledge with others who may enjoy the ride. It should not be lost in this section that being debt free and owning your own house, where you may become self sufficient, is very much a part of our family vision. A slave can do nothing but work for his master. But a man who owns his own home and is not dependant on the capitalist system around him has time to set his own priorities, make attempts to changing the world, and more importantly, training his children to do the same.

The first focus is inside the house and as we progress we will also take up a couple other minor projects such as the barn and the back deck shown below. I hope you enjoy the site, if you have any comments or questions or would like to see any pictures that I have not included on a project as we walk through them, feel free to leave a comment and let me know. By the way, I just noticed that’s me in the picture of the house above looking off the back deck. Wave hello and come on in and see what projects we are starting.

barn back drive.jpg

BTW – This property not for the allergy prone!

back deck.jpg

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