House Layout and Overview of Remodel Plans

I should mention as we get into this, that this project has already begun and there has been a lot of work that has already taken place, so for the first several posts, it will not be occurring “live”. We are currently working on the bathroom, but the posts will start from the beginning to catch you up to the current live status. This shouldn’t be too hard as I find that typing goes faster than hammering.
Next, I should probably start by giving you a few details about the layout of the house, so you’ll know what we are trying to accomplish.
First it is a very basic 1,000 sq ft. house. 40′ X 25′ It sits on a basement and is positioned on a slope so that the front of the house is 5 steps above the ground and the back is level to the ground but also accommodates a fairly aggressive slope from front to back. There are 9 windows 2 personal doors, one sliding door (to the deck) and one garage door. We will be focusing most of the attention upstairs first and then after that is complete we plan to move into the house as we work on the basement.
Here is a simple floor plan of the upstairs portion that we’ll be working on.

Floor Plan

The stairs are shown in light blue in their new location, as they have already been moved, but they were originally on the kitchen wall that boarders the living room. The first steps we took were to widen the entrance to the kitchen and to move the stairs into bedroom 1.
That is where we will start in the next entry. Moving the stairs. Feel free to leave comments if I leave anything un-clear.

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