The Sovereignty of Man – Part 1, Introduction

The Church in America needs to repent for putting man above God and for placing prosperity and pleasure above privilege and responsibility.

The Church will never fulfill her Biblical role in the world as long as she has a 2nd grade theology driven by a junior high school lust for pleasure and profit. If these sound like hard words then I beg of you to consider the major theological works of the last decade, and even the last century. Where are the men who produced studies like the “City of God”, “Pilgrim Progress”, or “The Institutes of the Christian Religion”? Where are the scholars studied in Greek and Latin who are able to defend their beliefs in season and out? Are we to restore a moral foundation for our nation and leave a heritage to our children on writings like “Left Behind” or “40 Days Of Purpose”?

The Church has abandoned her post. We, the soft people of God, sit in our pews and put up with heresy in our pulpits because we will not take time to read and study the very Word of God that past generations died to preserve. America’s pulpits are a flame with theology that was condemned as outright heresy a few hundred years ago. But no one notices; no one questions the pastor, the preaching, or more importantly the fruit.

Many will say, ah but our church has this ministry and that ministry and it is bearing fruit all the time. We are getting people “saved”. Surely everyone would rejoice that the lost are coming to know the great joy of the extended grace of God. However, the question is where are those people five years from now? Are they any better off than they were? Are we feeding the flock a diet that sustains them in times of trouble and prepares them for the trials of life? Or are we stacking them up at a spiritual bus stop awaiting the rapture and fleecing them under the pretence of expanding the Kingdom of God?

It seems there are ample statistics that answer these questions. When the divorce rate is higher in the church than the “heathen” world, or when 75% of the women that have abortions claim to be “born again” can we really come to any conclusion other than the Church is not what God called it to be?

There are many reason for this and it would be juvenile to posit only one cause for such a calamity. However, for the purpose of this first piece the initial focus will be on the Sovereignty of God.