The Purpose of Josiah Project

It needs to be said up front that this is not a┬áBLOG intended to bring souls to Christ, although we do believe that the truth of God’s Word will do that wherever it is proclaimed. However, the topics we are discussing and the use of scripture is not meant to imply that these are requirements for salvation. We believe that the Bible speaks to many other issues besides salvation and while we fully believe and are thankful for the extended grace of God in the salvation of man, we do not believe that is the only reason God put man on this earth. As Jesus prayed, “I pray not that you take them out of this world, but that you keep them from evil”. It is our purpose to understand why God wants us in this world and to faithfully accomplish His purpose.
We will be speaking of principles and concepts found in God’s Word that display God’s character and help us to know Him and His ways. As Psalm 103:7 declares, “He made known his ways unto Moses….” We believe that God’s Word speaks to every area of our life and that He has spoken about the “ways” he would have us to live; as individuals, as families, as church members, and as participants in civil government.
Our purpose is to identify areas in these governments that are weak and not functioning as God designed and then to rightly apply the truth of God’s Word to these areas of our culture. Some possible areas for exploration are marriage, abortion, education, welfare, taxes, war, corporal punishment, capital punishment, etc… The possibilities are endless! You might begin to consider, what area of government these items may fall under according to God’s Word. For example, does God give an example in the Bible where the state has the right to participate in a marriage ceremony between a man and a woman. (Let alone two men, but that’s a story for another day.) Does He show examples of it in the Church, or the Family? These are basic ideas that if one searches through the scriptures for this subject, the results might be surprising. We will take one issue at a time, as we define clearly the four governments as they are identified in scripture.
The purpose of Josiah Project is to proclaim and teach the four governments ordained by God and the instructions and limits of each as taught in the Bible.
As Josiah did in the old testament, this site seeks to lift up the lost Word of God and bring it before God’s people, that his blessings may again be bestowed upon this land. God specifically speaks to four different areas of rule or spheres of authority in the Earth that He has ordained.
Self Government
Family Government
Church Government
Civil Government
Each of these are created and ordained by God and are subject to Him in all things. Each has specific roles and tasks they are delegated to oversee and have limited authority to fulfill these duties.
For years this was a basic Christian doctrine that was taught in church and understood by Christians in general and the nation at large. However, while many Christians today say things like “We need to return to a Christian nation”, or “America was founded as a Christian nation” very few could put in words what that means. To one group it may mean that we vote for “Christians” who are running for office. Or perhaps one would have a Ten Commandments lapel pin they wear to their job. Still to others it may be something as serious as codifying the 10 Commandments into our civil laws and enforcing them with the sword of the state.
But there is still another group to whom this idea is their greatest fear. They decry the idea that any religion would be setup as a supreme religion of a country, they claim “god has no place in government”. To yet another group it conjures up visions of the crusades and a “forced” religion imposed by the sword of the state and the persecutions that come when corrupt leaders operate outside of their God-given authority.
So what does the term “Christian Nation” mean? Does this mean the civil government needs to declare and establish a national church, like the church of England? Does this mean that the civil government should force all citizens to be “Christians” and partake of the church sacraments in a civil forum? What are the boundaries for each of these four governments and how do they relate to one another? By the grace of God, this site will be dedicated to the discussion of each of these items. Each will be addressed in detail from the Scriptures and from history along with any other topics deemed necessary for the reformation of The United States of America.