Post-Partum Recovery with 7 Children ?

How in the world are you supposed to have a post-partum recovery with 7 children? I would have to say that it is impossible without help! I have been extremely blessed to have my mom and sister-in-law here for the last week and a half. They traveled from Texas to our home in Tennessee to help with the children, house and meals. I have spent most of my time resting, napping, nursing, reading…and blogging or writing. I am enjoying my time with Annabelle and very grateful for the help as I have had an easier post-partum time.
Things that have helped make a smoother post-partum recovery:
1.) having help!
2.) having meals already prepared, help to prepare new meals, friends bringing by meals and a sister-in-law that has stocked my freezer with meals and bread.
3.) taking naps to prevent the sleep deprivation from being up in the wee hours.
4.) taking prenatal vitamins, chlorophyll (especially important after giving birth), drinking lots of water and eating a breastfeeding mother’s amount of calories.
Being tired and overworked contribute to post-partum blues and extreme emotional swings. If you can rest well for 2 weeks, sleeping often, nursing often, eating and drinking regularly, not only will this help you deal with the hormone fluctuations that happen after birth but it will also help establish a good milk supply. My midwife is a stickler on staying down for a set amount of time after giving birth and believes this is especially important for mothers with many children and those who have had close pregnancies. My grandmother believes that women should take a full 6 weeks to recover with limited activity.

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