After Pains

It is worse than labor pain – After Pains – and it seems to be more intense with the more children I have! I have talked to some mothers with many children who do not experience extreme after pains…so it is not something that all women deal with.
The first day, the after pains were only bearable with extra strength Tylenol and a herbal remedy called “After Ease”. Usually, I am on Tylenol or Motrin and the herbs for 3 complete days.  There are times when the pains were so bad that I would have to curl in a fetal position and just cry and would get nauseated from the pain. However, with the last few postpartum recovery times, I have immediately started the herbs and meds to decrease this extreme reaction to a few isolated instances. Recovering after baby number 7 was actually a little different. This time I had 24 hours of intense after pains and immediately was able to stop the Tylenol. Days 2 and 3, I occasionally took the herbs. It was amazingly better this time around!
I did take the 5-W herbs the last weeks of pregnancy and drink a lot of raspberry leaf tea so that may have helped as well.
AfterEase is made by WishGarden Herbs and can be purchased online. I buy my birthing supplies from a Christian family owned company in Texas called In His Hands birth supply.
AfterEase decreases the intensity of after birth pains. It contains Crampbark, Black Haw Bark, Yarrow Flower, and Motherwart Leaf. Suggested use is 2 – 4 droppers in either a little juice or water and can be repeated as necessary.
ContractEase is a similar herbal remedy. I have not personally tried it though. It is made by Tri-light herbs and is recommended by Shonda Parker (her books are great). It contains herbs that support the female glandular and nervous system after birth. The herbs are crampbark, wild yam, black haw, scullcap, valerian root, hops, chamomile, fennel and catnip. It is also certified organic.

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