Iron Levels

I have to say that I am really impressed with how fast fresh juicing works to bring low iron levels up. At our check today, I am at 11.5! Which, she said, is perfect.
I usually juice lots of greens, a small amount of carrot, a half of an apple.
Other Iron Foods:
Also, I have either bought omega-3, free range chicken eggs or gathered some from our own eggs from our chickens (but they have been on laying strike because of being traumatized by the dogs.)
Grass-fed red beef (slow cooked crock pot roast is the best – not only makes your house smell homey and warm but is great on a cold winter day with veggies and homemade bread!)
Dates (my 3 year old calls these “big raisins”)
Lots of green vegetables and other iron rich vegetables
Sweet Potatoes
Raw nuts and Seeds (almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds)
Taking Vitamin C with Iron aids in absorption. I have found that I love (now crave) fresh squeezed grapefruit juice– didn’t know I liked grapefruit and didn’t know of all its health benefits!

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