Hygiene and Childbirth

This is an excerpt from Jordan Rubin’s book The Maker’s Diet. If you are looking for Garden of Life vitamins and supplements, you can get them here.
Chapter 4 – Hygiene: The Double-edged Sword

One hundred years later, hundreds of thousands of European women were dying of childbirth fever until a Viennese obstetrician named Dr. Semmelweis rediscovered biblical hygiene. His medical students routinely dissected cadavers barehanded in one room and then walked into the next to perform pelvic examinations or help deliver babies-without washing their hands! Death rates often approached the 50 percent mark.
Dr. Semmelweis went against the grain of established medical practice and asked every doctor and medical student to wash their hands between deliveries (and autopsies). When they did, the death rate dropped by 90 percent! However, Dr. Semmelweis was ridiculed for his hygienic practice, and his staff insisted on going back to the old way! Even as late as World War 11, it is estimated that poor hygiene caused three times more deaths than battlefield wounds.

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  • Just did a search for our blog on Google and saw that you linked to us! : ) It just so happens that I am just starting The Makers Diet . . . my mother is farther than me in the book. Wow. It sure gets you excited! Lots of things are similar to our life style, but Mr. Rubin makes many excellent points of which I had not thought.