Healthy Dessert

It is so easy to over do the sweets…especially this time of year! I made a healthy treat that my family yummed up yesterday.
Beth’s Frozen Berry Yogurt
Large container of healthy plain yogurt. I like the Brown Cow brand but StonyField Farm has a good plain yogurt as well.
Frozen Berry Mix (black, red, blue berries) – Sam’s carries a large bag of frozen berries for a great price and they taste great.
Maple Syrup
Crushed walnuts or almonds (optional)
I poured the plain yogurt into a 8X8 square glass dish.
Put frozen berries all over the top of the yogurt.
Sprinkle crushed nuts over the top.
Drizzle maple syrup lightly over the top.
Make right before you sit down for supper and cover with plastic wrap and let it stay in the refrigerator until after supper. The frozen berries will slightly freeze some of the yogurt around it—my children called it “yogurt ice”. I will try to slightly freeze the whole thing next time to see what it turns out like. But this was really yummy—the children loved it and it wasn’t overly sweet.
Great for a snack.

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