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Here is some info I have found in response to some questions about fat and beef:
“Research shows that grass-fed beef contains fat that is actually good for you. grass-fed beef has more Omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce the risk of heart disease. Grass-fed also contains more beta-carotene and up to five times as much CLA.”
No feedlots, hormones, grain or antibiotics in your meat will give you better tasting meat as well as nutritionally superior meat compared to meat that comes off of a bad fatty grain fed cow. (whose fat is not comparable to grass fed cow fat)
So fat from pasture fed animals is desirable. Fat from grain fed, antibiotic and hormone filled cows is completely different in nutritional content.
Also fake fats like Crisco, margarine and other synthetic fats are completely unhealthy and should be avoided. Homemakers use to use lard instead of Crisco which was a much healthier. Not that you would just eat the lard by the spoonfuls…but the point being that fats consumed in moderation that are real and unmodified are healthy. I prefer raw butter personally as I can not get past the word “lard”. The myth that all fats are bad is simply not true. We need fats–not refined, chemically, altered fats…but real fats are beneficial and downright necessary for life. Breast milk has an incredible high amount of cholesterol because babies need this vital nutrient for proper growth and development of the neurological brain systems.
God designed cows to eat grass, not be packed in a feed lot eating as much grain as possible. Vegetables grown without being genetically modified and chemically bathed are absolutely delicious and wonderfully healthy for you. Dairy products that are raw and fresh are beneficial.
I do not believe that we should consume mostly fat and beef, however. I have just come to believe that these products, naturally produced, in moderation contribute to a well rounded diet. I am very much in favor of freshly extracted juice and lots of vegetables and believe that we should eat more raw food.
I am getting away from the refined, altered, processed, genetically modified, hormonal, medicated, fake foods.
An interesting website with lots of information is called

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