TN Abortion Providers

What kind of vision would we have for TN if it did not include the basic right to light for all Tennesseans? It would not be freedom at all, but rather tyranny. Vision Tennessee sees a TN where all citizens regardless of size will be free and protected by law. When that happens the abortion facilities such as this one located at 412 DB Todd Ave, will no longer be needed and can be turned into more useful facilities.

    Planned Parenthood

Until that day comes, we must be faithful to pray for those who are involved in the termination of innocent little children such as Dr. Angus M.G. Crook, the chief abortionist for Planned Parenthood of Middle Tennessee. A fairly notorious abortionist, Mr. Crook has been active in removing Tennessee’s future for some time.


We should not forget Dr. Crook’s new relations over at the Collaborative Healthcare Group.
Dr. Gurley and his staff, must be desperate for help to hire an abortionist. Maybe they are putting his abortion skills to work in their shop as well.


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