They Are Always Watching You

The other day, I made a trek into town to the grocery store. I took my daughter and left the rest of the children with dad. We had a nice afternoon out. The Autumn leaves are becoming more brilliant each day. We awed at the brilliant hues of reds, oranges and yellows.
We collected our groceries and approached the check out stand to cheerfully be greeted by the young check-out lady asking, “Where are all your children?!?” I looked at her in a state of bewilderment wondering how in the world she knew I had a lot of children. I knew I did not know this person. I asked her, “How did you know I had a lot of children?” Very curious I was!
She said that she had seen me at the end of summer in the store with all of my children. She said she watched us in amazement wondering what it would be like to have a large family. She said she was very interested in how I did that!
I was just a little stunned. The last time I went to that particular store was at the end of summer and I did have all my children with me. It was a hectic day. Being pregnant and taking a lot of children to the store on a hot summer day is a lot of work. I remember wondering why I went to the store with everyone at the time that I did but figured we should just act nice and quickly get what we need and get out of the store and back home.
Two months later I am reminded of my mission on earth. At times it is easy to loose sight and get off track, to become easily distracted by the business of life. I am reminded to look at the higher calling and purpose for my life and family even when I take a trip to the grocery store. I do not know how God will use my witness to impact others around me so I best be ready at all times to shine forth light in a dark world. I was reminded that “They are always watching you!”

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