Theodore Roosevelt – Larger Than Life

Teddy - Large Than Life
Theodore Roosevelt – Larger Than Life
Author – Matt Donnelly
Publisher – Linnet Books North Haven, Connecticut

Over all a disappointing read, I’m not sure if it’s because I had high expectations of the author or Teddy Roosevelt. Many folks I know hold him in high esteem and there is much about him to admire, but according to the tale spun by this author there seem to be some glaring inconsistencies.

For instance, the author’s understanding that Roosevelt thought the government should bear the burden of the poor while at the same time holding his father’s views that it was part of the duty of individuals with wealth to serve those who were less fortunate. It seems to me that these are two conflicting views. One subscribes to a more biblical understanding that charity is a free gift based on a compassionate heart. The other says that it is forced by the sword of the state. This is either an inconsistent belief or an inconsistent assumption of someone’s belief.

This type of modernizing the past along with some liberal interpretation of facts surrounding the War Between The States, and the praise of feminism leads me to believe it is the author not the subject that is lacking.

It has a good time line and is a good overview of the larger facts that do not give room for outside interpretation, but I think I will still have to pick up a copy of “Carry a Big Stick: The Uncommon Heroism of Theodore Roosevelt” by George Grant and see what I can learn from someone with a more biblical worldview.


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  • […] my post Theodore Roosevelt – Larger Than Life I completely underestimated the complexity of one of the greatest occupants of the American white […]