prima facie

and so it starts….Blogging for Tennessee families who want a state worth passing on to their children. For those who are tired of the WWF match between the two political parties, who are growing weary of the courts contempt for the Constitution, and who are looking for a way to make a difference. Hopefully, prayerfully, by the grace of God this will be a site for you.
As time allows we will be identifying various subject areas that need reform in the State of Tennessee. Your suggestions and participation are always welcome. For today, we’ll start with public schools. Not that they are high on the priority list, but because a good resource was found for them today. While it is not specific to TN, it is after all part of the government school system at large, which we have in TN to the tune of about 1,352,845 students as of five years ago and 1.4 million as of 2003. At any rate, I think you’ll enjoy Zero Intelligence.
Remind me to post about the disparity between the elementary school number and the high school numbers.
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