Inching along at 8 months

32 weeks pregnant and slowing…… As these last weeks approach, I have grand nesting plans. The problem is that my grand plans and my physical ability don’t match. I will try and aim my focus on completing those tasks that will aid in an easier last part of pregnancy and postpartum time. Some things on the list are:
1. stocking the pantry
2. buying extra necessary supplies to avoid trips to the grocery store (laundry soap, paper plates, diapers, etc.)
3. Store several weeks worth of freezer meals. Supper and lunches are helpful. Calzones, pizza pocket type sandwiches are great for the freezer and heat up nicely. Supper freezer meals are quick and complete with a fresh salad and some bread or a steamed veggie.
4. Store away extra toys and stuff. Limiting the toys, storing away or getting rid of clutter that will make keeping house difficult. (Why, I should do this regularly!)
5. Order enough prenatal vitamins for the postpartum time— mother’s milk and postpartum teas, herbs, iron building herbs.
6. Gather birthing and baby supplies.
7. Round up helpers. Mother’s helpers for the toddlers, helpers for housekeeping and meals.

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  • sarah says:

    wow, what a time. things like that seem so much like yesterday and also forever ago all at the same time. I clearly remember that “better stock up on stuff” feeling. Time to go to the local price club and find new frozen meals the family will like. :o) We can’t wait to see new baby girl Vaughn, and we will continue praying for you for strength, endurance, and sanity [lol!].