Childbirth Section Updated

The childbirth section is now on birthdynamics. It contains a few articles now. I posted an article entitled, “The Labor Alternative – A Pain-free Labor Addressed“. I will post a sample of the article below and you can go to the link to read the rest.

As women, we were given the special job of carrying and birthing children. Childbirth can be looked at in two different ways: something to be avoided or something to be accepted………The truth is that the very word “labor” implies…labor or work or exertion. In regards to childbirth labor, the incredible system of pregnancy and childbirth is a miraculous design. The processes that a women’s body go through to give birth are intense and by no means a simple walk in the park. When defining “pain-free”, I am saying that a normal childbirth doesn’t just happen with out any “pain”. As if you are enjoying eating a slice of pie and sipping on a cool glass of lemonade and all of the sudden with out any warning, a baby plops right out. “Wow, who knew!?!” Childbirth labor is designed as a process – a process of systems changing, muscles and ligaments altering and moving, hormones fluctuating. It is the process of birthing a human into the world which is by no means as simple as sipping lemonade. In fact I have a hard time believing that any birth could be completely pain free from just the logistical aspect of getting an average 8 pound human through a birth canal (we all know how big or not big that is). However, the better the understanding and preparation for the labor process, the better equipped the mother becomes to birth her baby which thereby decreases the pain in a variety of ways. Pain can come from many outlets. Lack of knowledge will increase the pain of birthing by leaps and bounds. If a mother feels a contraction pain and doesn’t know what it is or what the purpose of that uncomfortable feeling is, the natural tendency is to tense up and focus on the pain. The opposite should be done however, relaxing and not focusing on the pain. Pain can be managed and controlled. Pain can be reduced and handled. Mental preparedness is a huge factor in being prepared to handle the pains of labor.

To read the rest of the article: go here

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