The Daily Milk Cow

Morning after morning, day after day…..we milk a large Guernsey dairy cow named Dixie!  And when cousins come to visit the farm….they learn to milk a cow! 


New lambs for Christmas…. The shepherd boy caught one of his baby lambs and brought it up to the house for everyone to ooohhh and ahhh over.  Newborn lambs are so sweet!

Christmas Lambs

We switched out our ram at the beginning of the year.  Our new ram looks nice enough but as we approached the end of the year, we were really wondering if he worked or not.  Our worries were relieved when…

October Life

The autumn season is upon us and, like every year, I stand and marvel at the beauty surrounding me.  Crisp air, leaves dancing about, the rustic smell of bonfires scattered about the valley and the thunk of the walnuts falling…

Growing Wheat

Our little growing wheat experiment was fun.  Last Fall, the guys planted wheat in our newly reshaped rocky field patch.  By springtime, we had bright green wheat grass everywhere!  It was a beautiful ground cover when everything else was still…